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Panoscan Mark III
What’s Included:
Panoscan camera head
Processor module with 80 GIG HD
12V battery (5-6 hours)
Universal power supply & charger
IR blocking filter (daylight)
Camera cable (4.5m standard)
ViewFinder™ interface software
Full documentation & tutorial
Training video
Custom fitted travel case
2 year warranty

Optional Equipment:
2nd IR filter (Tungsten)
2nd camera cable (specify 1.8m-7.6m)
Spare Battery
Forensic Filter Kit

Recommended Additional Equipment:
Panoscan 22.5mm ULD fisheye lens
Hartblei 45mm tilt & shift lens
Panoscan 46mm APO lens
Mamiya 55mm F2.8 lens
Mamiya 80mm F2.8 lens
Panoscan graphite tripod
Panoscan levelling head
Bogen quick release
18V LED lighting kit
PanoMetric Bundle
Rolling tripod kit

Hardware Specifications:
Vertical Resolution: 6000 native (9000 enhanced)
Horizontal Resolution: 65,000 maximum
Light Sensitivity: ISO 200-3200
Shutter Speeds: 1/8th sec - 1/3000th sec (Per line)
Lens Mount: Mamiya 645 manual type C
Dynamic Range: 14 bits (12 F stops)
Local Storage: 80 gig HD. (1000G. shock rated)
Operating Temp: 0.5˚C to 55˚C
Humidity Range: 0-99% non-condensing
Battery: 12.6 volt gel type. (5hrs typical run time)
Computer Interface: USB-2.0
File Output: Standard 24 bit or 48 bit TIFF
Camera Dimensions: H. 39.6cm Swing radius 14.2cm
Camera Weight: 4.2kgs
Processor Dimensions W 14cm x H 2.8cm x D 18.3cm
Processor HD Weight: 570 grams

Minimum Scan Times:
100% resolution 360 spherical (24mm) in 52 sec.
100% resolution 360 degree cylindrical (35mm) in 76 sec.
Low resolution 360 spherical scans in 8 sec.
Low resolution 360 cylindrical scans in 10 sec.


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