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Panoscan Mark 3

The Panoscan Mark III is a major advancement in panoramic capture

The Panoscan MK-3 offers extraordinary resolution, high speed capture and low light performance. The system is ideal for documenting any scene in extreme detail or creating interactive maps. With Panoscan’s revolutionary PanoMetric™ software, images can also be used to provide accurate measurements of the scene as well.

Engineered for rugged everyday field use, the Panoscan camera head is machined from solid aluminium alloy. The MK-3 is so compact and portable, the entire system fits in a single case. The included battery pack allows for 5-6 hours of dependable field operation (even longer with other battery options). Several portability options are available including a convenient rolling kit for tactical mapping applications.

The Panoscan processor contains a dedicated hard drive for archiving images at maximum speed (80 GIG Standard). Images are easily retrieved via standard high speed USB 2.0 connection to the host computer.

High sensitivity allows shooting in almost any lighting situation (where other systems would fail). The powerful rotation motor in the MK-3 allows an optional external lighting kit to be attached for night shooting. The LED unit mounts on the camera in seconds using a convenient "speed clamp". Fourteen precision aligned LED units throw an astoundingly bright 180 degree "arc" of light for the camera. The MK-3’s unique interchangeable filter sytem allows the camera to capture near infra-red and ultra-violet images as well.

Wide X-stream is the authorised representative for Panoscan in Australia and South East Asia. Please contact us regarding current pricing, specifications, delivery and training.